Welcome to LaborSafe! Laborsafe is a source of workplace consulting and education with over thirty years experience in the field of Occupational Safety and Health. Led by Peter Dooley, LaborSafe's services include:

  • Coordinating Health & Safety educational programs;
  • Conducting worker fatality investigations and serious injuries;
  • Facilitating successful Health & Safety campaigns;
  • Advising workers in service, construction, public sector, industrial and health care settings;
  • Supporting youth Health & Safety programs;
  • Developing family support networks.
  • LaborSafe can help you provide the worker health and safety programs that are needed to protect workers on the job.

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    "Whether it is the construction, retail, service work, health care, manufacturing or public sector industry, worker health & safety improvements are drastically needed. I am committed to doing everything possible to create safe environments for all workers."

    - Peter Dooley - MS, CIH, CSP
    Certified Industrial Hygenist
    Certified Safety Professional